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Install steps:

  • Download and install the sandbox solution to the site collection
  • Activate the solution
  • Add a SPSticky web part (from a 'Custom' group) to a page that resides on the same web as the StickyList list

Extension scenarios:

  • To use a sticky functionality on the site page, ensure that page is located in the same site where the StickyList is provisioned; otherwise create a StickyList using StickyListDefinition

Known issues:

  • Placing SPSticky web part on multiple pages within the same web is supported but you will see Stickys from all the pages
  • Resizing of the Sticky is not saved
  • Saving of the Sticky position and text is done when you edit the sticky and then click away
  • Stickys don't move with the page, they just stick to the fixed position on the screen

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